The Uk Government has announced the review of the learning to drive process.
they are considering changing the age you are able to drive at and also imposing restrictions on what you can do once you have passed your test.

These range from, limits on carrying passengers and limits on driving at night.
There are also discussions about bringing in a minimum amount of hours of learning undertaken before sitting your test.

for more details look at the BBC article below

now might be the time to start learning to avoid these restrictions for more details on lessons call Ro

3/1/2015 10:12:20 am

They've not introduced these changes now and it's 2015 but they have introduced other changes - such as the independent driving section of the test and they're currently trying out new procedures in the test at the Musleburgh TC such as asking show me tell me qs during the driving part of the test rather than at the start before you begin.

8/1/2015 07:52:38 pm

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